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New LJ [Tuesday
June 14th, 2005
Got a new LJ name its so0_confused..the 2nd thing is a zero not an uppercase o so u can delete this name if u want....sont forget to add me

I'm effing confused...!!! [Sunday
June 5th, 2005
[ mood | nauseated ]

Wow, everything is soooo confusing..i feel like the biggest loser in the world i just have the hardest time understanding shit..I have a real big problem that only like 3 people know about, but even what they say still doesnt help me out like it does but then it doesnt...so idk i need a job sooo bad...i guess this freakin sucks..im a confused girl right now dont mind me..ok well im gunna go to bed or something..tty



Nothing to do.... [Thursday
June 2nd, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

So summer has been alright I guess....The last day of school me,yeni,and stacy drove up to orlando for the weekend and stayed in her time share it was pretty nice....we went to islands of adventure and wet n wild....they were okay wet n wild wasnt all that great...the drive home was kinda long but it wasnt that bad...just been hangin out mostly with yeni,stacy,haley and shandra..went to a party off slater the other night..wow i felt like a jackass that night im sure i was acting like a faggot....no more drinking for me for awhile..nothing hasnt really gone at all this week..but tommorrows friday so something will probably end up happening...."Who dat Who dat is?"lol...Summer school starts like monday so that should be a fun one...just need to hurry up and get it over with...at home right now for once..i get to sleep in my own bed...yea!!!!lol wow im gay..im gunna go catch up on some sleep alrighty..
adios biatches...

Oh yeah Stac...PUH-LEASE BELIEVE IT!...lol


Ughh..Counting down till summer... [Monday
May 23rd, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]

The last week of school sucks...its such a punishment waiting for summer break..u have those few days where you have to slave at school and take exams in classes you hate and people u are excited ur not gunna see for like 2 and a half months...yeah well tommorrow shouldn't be that bad i dont have a 3rd period exam so me haley,jami,and danny r gunna go to perkins for a little breakfast than goin to school at like 10 for 6th period exams..thursday leaving for orlando with sieb and yeni..it should be fun to get away for a few days...i just want to hurry up and get summer school over with...this summer is kinda gunna go by fast...orlando this weekend..summer school for most of june..goin to connecticut for a week after that then working rest of summer..hopefully i got the job at the coffee shop cus that would be a pretty easy,fun job to do....free snickers coffee so good from that place!...i hope senior year is an awesome one..free of drama and stupid shit that doesnt matter...im not gunna have a short day like everyone else ill have a full schedule probably...thats just because im a freakin retard who should have done good the past 3 years and not dicked around...alright well im gunna go do something to entertain myself like go to sleep..soo update some more tommorrow..
L8errr bitchess--


bored out of my freakin mind... [Saturday
May 21st, 2005
[ mood | full ]

What did I do this weekend???Jack Sh*t!!Last night,me keith and stacy got a case and went to some park off del prado and chilled...so then a cop comes up and tells us the park is closed lol i was ssooo scared but he was nice...thank god he didnt check my car cus i had a case of beer sitting on my car floor...thats not against the law lol..so then we went to the yacht club and got stared down by a bunch of meheecans on the pier..they were checkin out keithy too!Then I was getting pararnoid about cops so we left then I went home...today i just hung out at home my 2 aunts are down and we hung out by the pool and got some outback so not healthy..tomorrow i might go to the beach and bring some of my exam study guides and layout and study for exams this week...might have possibly found a job!!Yea for me!Can't wait for summer only 4 more days of school left!!!Ok im goin to bed bitchesss...
I'm out like a deaf kid in musical chairs!--


argghh...i freakin hate parents.. [Wednesday
May 18th, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

So alots going on right now...my freakin parents r getting divorced soon and acting like freakin retards..my mom is like wanting to just throw my dad out and my dads just arguing and stuff making it worse they just can't agree on anything..well when they do finally get divorced im staying with my mom cus shes staying here and my dads either moving to our other house in pennsylvania or getting a place somewhere here..so yeah..and im wanting so bad to trade my car in and get the mazda 3 i want.... id have to pay some more money because it doesnt equal what my car trades for but its not that much...more and it such a nice brand new car but i definitley would have to wait for awhile...money is such a burden on life..it sucks.....so yeah schools almost over..so excited cant wait to be a big bad SENIOR!!!!lol...no but cant wait for summer no more drama from school...hopefully i will go up north for a lil bit to see my sis...i need a job sooo bad but its sooo hard to find one...today i even sat in my car and bought a newspaper and looked for places hiring..josh told me a hostess for beef o bradys but i didnt even know they had hostess people there but ill look into that one..went to the one acts today for drama..the one 3rd period was really cute..i felt so bad for this one particular boy..but me and jami could not stop laughing cus he sounded so goofy..but thats mean so ill stop lol..went to houfeks partay..it was pretty crunk had a bartender or two..but to tell u the truth i dont even care that much about going out nemore..like im not that big on wanting to drink either like if i ever do its a little bit cus i always have to drive..but whatever if nothing goes than oh well thats life...so this weekend i think i might go to miami friday after school with yeni,stacy,and yenis mom and we come back saturday afternoon...then staurday night and sunday im freakin studying for finals all weekend...okay well im gunna go take a shower tty bitchess l8err---


Totally blank in the head.... [Monday
May 2nd, 2005
[ mood | blank ]

Just redid my LJ bitchess..I luv my freakin icon it suits this perfectly lol..Ne-ways how has everybody been lately..?Ive been okay..not been happy most days but getting over it..last weekend was alright..friday me stac and haley worked for a few hours lol...at the flower shop its pretty fun actually..their really nice there...then me stacy,haley and tommy went to see "FAME" it was pretty good for a high school play..everyone did really well...then me and siebert went home and sat around..then john called us and we went and got him..Hey john do u wanna drive??"yeah!!" ok well were on Empty so u have to go fill up the car lol...so we went to chris r's house and there were ppl over there out front..then we went to the gas station and had ceaser by some freakin gars for JP!Then we met up with kaity b and kyle and went to this kid raymonds party off diplomat it was pretty lame at first but it got fun..lets just say everyone was fucked up excpet allie...it was still fun though..then we went bakc to katilyns at like 4 lol..and i slept on a cot instead of the floor..it still sucked sleeping on that thing...then saturday did nothing at all...me and sieb started watching a movie then i fell asleep and woke up to mike saying there was a prty out in the living room lol...sunday didnt do shit so yeah my weekend was alright...well im very tired and my stomach hurts so im gunna go drop the cosby kids of at the pool...j/k..tty bitches l8errrrr!


Why Are Parents So Gay!!?? [Wednesday
April 20th, 2005
[ mood | angry ]

Well yeah...So my parents are def. Gay!! Their mad because I quit my job at Steak n Shake..I hated working there...It was the shittiest job and the only job Ive ever had so far...Their making such a big deal because Im supposed to pay for my car insurance..and a few days ago their telling me it didnt matter just as long as i understood in the future i needed to start paying for my own insurnace..well its not like i cant find another job...Well if anybody knows of anywhere i can work please comment...



Blah Blah... [Sunday
April 17th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

How was everybody's weekends?...Mine was okay...Friday I saw Amityville Horror with Haley, and Tommy and Yeni..I was so excited I could finally buy rated "r" tickets lol...That was the scariest freakin movie I've ever seen in my life..Very weird and bloody and stuff like that..Saturday went to the beach..Hung out with Siebert,Yeni,Lori,Mary,Derek, and Regina..it was a pretty nice day out..we made igloo's with lollipop bubble gum stick flagpoles with chewed bubble gum flags lol...and fake boobs in the sand..it was pretty fun were such artistic people..Then we left to take back Yeni's moms car...Then we went to Sieberts..and went to Rachel's B-day party it was fun..Stacy's a retard and spilled my mudslide all over the kitchen floor..Good One Sieb! Then today we basically slept all day and did nothing..So yeah pretty intense weekend huh?..Ok well im gunna go wash my car and do my homework..


Lonely on this Thursday night.... [Thursday
April 14th, 2005
[ mood | gloomy ]

So today was just a regular day kinda deppressing a lil bit though...1st period Kristi,Kelli and Sam had to do something else and didnt go out to the track so i walked a lap and sat their by myself and just thought about everything..2nd period I tried reading my book but everybody was talking and it was hard to concentrate on the story cus its a weird book..Then 3rd period listened to everybody read their freakin lines in the play that im not in..No surprise..4th I planted a flower in Ms.Marsh's class it was pretty gay..mine will probably die cus i'll forget to water it or something...5th the effing security guard wouldnt let me and haley and tommy go get lunch but he let us do it like a week b4 that..stupid asshole..then i had to go to the gym to register to vote it was okay i guess...6th just sat there and tried to understand espanol..doesnt help me very much..7th took a quiz and kinda understood it..but yeah..talked to my parents all nite..im a cool kid right?Yeah not tonite..ok well im gunna go to bed...ill post tommorrow..laterr bitchesss-


Tiresome day.... [Monday
April 11th, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

People can be such assholes..Got a job at Steak and Shake that a frikin hate! They have given me the most inconvient schedule of my life..I had to work all spring break..and then they hardly work me after school days but they work me on the weekends when i go out with friends...and on school nights im working like 3 hours afetr im supposed to get off..there's some nice people there but alot of bitchy people too...really would have wished i went to prom it was so retarted prom night not doing anything..so yeah im looking for another job..so if anybody knows of anyone hiring comment..ok gunna go do science hmwk..
Snip Snip Bitches..LOL Siebert


Happy Easter... [Sunday
March 27th, 2005
[ mood | bitchy ]

Well today is Easter..I'm at my aunts house in Ft.Lauderdale..its really nice here..I wanna come here over the summer sometime for a few days...So far spring break has been okay..Went to the beach friday got totally fried! My chest and shoulders and stomach still hurt really bad! So yeah I'm not having that great of a time because I cant really stay out in the sun too long since half of my skin is burnt...Thats why im sitting inside on the computer...fun huh? My birthday was ok..I wanted to go out to joes Wendesday night but somebody decided to ruin it and go out to dinner on their own (ASHLEE)..SO yeah didnt end up doing that..Saturday night went down to the beach and mey up with Haley and Megan we all walked around for awhile with everybody else..Well ill update more later okay...
L8err bitchesss--

Oh yeah to the person in miami with his friends hope ur enjoying ur fuckin vacation!!


Snip Snip Bitches!!! [Monday
March 21st, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

Yo..Whats going on?? Not much with me...Haven't updated in awhile becuase my computer is being gay!!Well to sum up my weekend..Thursday night was the play it was def. better on wednesday than thurs.But im just glad its over with..Can't wait for senior directed one acts!Siebert tried having a party but it didnt work out and now shes grounded...so went out to sandy hills and there were people with guns out there so we def. got the hell out of dodge...Friday night hung out with yeni and rachel went over to brett h.'s for a little bit..then saturday went over to jordys for awhile and hung out...then saturday night me,yeni,haley,and stacy drove down to ft.myers beach it was pretty crowded and full of hotties and uglies!!Then Sunday went to the mall with Yeni and Lori then went and got john and went to the beach..then back to school today..it was an okay day..so yeah im so over this whole angela hating all of us and talking shit...its so freakin retarted and not even worth getting mad and worrying about...shes not gunna give me a god damn dirty look and then wonder why im not talking to her..oh well her loss...Shes being really immature about the whole situation too...But yeah I'm gunna go finish doing my geometry hmwk. so ill tty kids l8errrr--



Finally Understanding Everything... [Tuesday
March 8th, 2005
[ mood | melancholy ]

Today was a very boring and complicated day..woke up..rolled out of bed..threw on a jacket and jeans and drove my ass to school...I seriously did not care what I looked like today and Im sure if you saw me u thought the same thing because my hair looked like some body had electrocuted me or something of that nature..not sure on thee spelling of electrocuted but im guessing its similar to that..i def. bombed the fact math today..I was in there for almost 3 hours and i basically ended up christmas treeing the whole thing..so ill just say im sure ill be taking it again next year as a senior which to me is kinda pathetic..but ive neevr been good at math so im not too dissapointed..ne-ways after 4th me and siebert left and went and got lori from her g-mas house and went over to siebs...billy and josh showed..soon followed by Panizza,Kyle,Chris,Pat,Travis,Anthony,Donald,Yeni and Erik showed up later..it was actually kinda fun..except for me and stacy getting pushed in the pool with all of our clothes on in the freezing hypothermic water..but other than that no complaints//me and jordas got into a fight..what a surprise huh?...but i called him awhile ago and basically poured my heart out so I dont know whats gunna happen with us...U never seem to knoe with our situation since its soo complicated..but im finally understanding alot about how everything takes time,commitment,trust and all that..so finding a new out look on things...Well im tired and i need to finish doing my hair so ill post more l8er--


Bored..Typical Sunday... [Sunday
February 27th, 2005
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well guys whats up with everyone...well yesterday was ash's bday..happy 17th we all hung out at days inn and got frikin crunk or i tried too..lol i was jsu chillen on the bed..but then the shit hit the fan when jordas called and got mad at me...were good now but i jus hate when we fight...hae's bday was wednesday happy 17th too you too hae..lol joes crab shack was freakin awesome...okay well thursday me,hae,meg,ash, and tommy all left skool 4th period..we dipped and went to land and sea and then to tommy's house..we saw starry night lol...im j/k...right now its sunday im bored waiting for jordas to call so yeah im gunna go lay down...tty kid laterrrrr--


Tired...Bored..Waiting for Jordas to call.. [Wednesday
February 23rd, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

Well guys today was an okay day I guess...Besides John and Earnest being fags in spanish and stealing my phone and taking gay pictures lol..after skool dropped off siebert,lori and yeni and stacys..then went to the gas station and mastered thee art of no hands pumping the gas lol haley...By the way Happy freakin 17th B-Day!!!..Then drove Siebert and the other 2 reatrds lol j.k out to the civic center to get wristbands for the fair which by the way u cant get until friday night so dont be a dumbass and drive all they way out there to find out that information...After that got Hae from work..went to her house and hung out for a lil..then went to ashlee's and met up there with meg and ash and ashs lil b/f lol...we went to joes crab shack it was friggin awesome lol...did a little chinese fire drill at the hancock light so i let haley drive so i could do my make up lol...then we had the ppl sing for hae and ash since ashs bday is saturday and they wroe hats and stuff..then haley spilled her drink on meg and megan got a little mad lol..its ok meg nobody saw...then yeah dorve home and now im writing my day down in my journal..ok well im tired and i think im just gunna go to bed so if jordas calls he can talk to my answering machine for a few cus im gunna be passed the hell out!
Laterr kiddsss--


So FREAKIN Bored!!! [Friday
February 11th, 2005
[ mood | anxious ]

Well bitches I'm at Siebert's right now..were just chilln..waitin for jordas's dumb ass to get over here..tonite s such a borig night..Tommorrow me nd stacy are attending her g-mas wedding..shes getting remarried...so im going so stac isnt bored with a bunch of old people..lol..It was freezing at school today..I got hit in the face today by those little heart candies, fuckin carlos threw it at me..it kinda hurt when it first hit lol but ne-ways im gunna go so ill ttyl kidsss--


Fuh-reezing!!! [Thursday
February 10th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

Today was actually an okay day excpet for 1st period..You know I take like almost an hour of time at night to wash,blow dry and straightin my hair...then an extra 10 min in the morning to go over it when i wake up..Well come to personal fitness today to find out we have to run a half a mile around the track...so i have to pull up my gosh darn hair that i spend awhile doing..then on top of that i have a really sore throat and have to freakin hurt it more by running and breathing like a fat kid with bad asthma or something..so yeah wasn't to siked about that one...then 6th period took a pop quiz in spanish that i bombed big time!!Then a test in geometry that i got a 70 on only because haley and the teacher had to basically give me the answers to...After school dropped off Haley and went to Sieberts since she didnt go to school today cus she wasn't feeling to hott...I drove her all the way down to cape coral park way to get money from her dad so we could go to costco to get her some undershirts...which is out in cypress lake..She tried being very helpful and giving me short cuts home but we ended up in like michigan avenue..ghetto fort myers lol..jesus siebert thats the last time i listen to ur advice..well tommorrow is gunna be a cold one kids so bundle up..I'm gunna now go spend an hour on my hair that will probably have to be pulled up 1st period tomorrow..


Are things ever gunna be the same again?? [Tuesday
February 8th, 2005
[ mood | depressed ]

Screwed up big time...Broke somebodys heart..lost a friend in the process..now im in the biggest hole right now that I cant get myself out of...I didnt go to school today because if I went I'd probably cry all day anyways..Im a bitch for doing what I did to this person..Some people agree..and some say I only did what he did to me...It wasnt a pay back plan or anything it kinda just happened...Its gunna take a long time for this person to even want to be my friend again...I have seriously been like flat out depressed these past 2 days since it happened...I have never cried so much before in my life either...I really dont wnna go to school tomorrow but I have to..Im sure people might talk but I seriously dont care what nebody has to say at this point...on a better note my sisters pregnant and spring break i'll probably be up there with her for a couple of days...ok well update more when im up to it...


Wow what a weekend?!?! [Sunday
January 30th, 2005
[ mood | drained ]

Today is sunday but I'll some up my weekend for you...Friday..me and meg skipped school..very bad for doing that...then we went to school and picked up stacy...then later that night we went over to ashlee's house..we drove out to lehigh cus there was supposed to be a party out there but this kid had no idea what the hell was going pn so we left and went home..meg and ash were a lil crunk on the way up there..i drove so i didnt drink..yeah me lol..then hae and tommy came over to ashlee's house after we got back..and hung out for a lil bit..saturday me and meg went home...i went over to stacy's and lori,yeni, and her friend came over..we hung out then stac's mom was going to be out for the whole night so we called josh and he came over to sieberts after work...then harper and john came over..then i went and got austin cus havent seen him in awhile..then meg hae and tommy came to stacys too...soo luis was having a party at his sister's house of bayshore...so we went to this kid jermeys house to get some people and so mike could drop off someones truck..so i had yeni,stacy,yeni's friend,josh,and mike in my car and tommy had, hae,meg,john,bobby,some kid greg and i think harper in his car so yeah we were effin beener packing it...so as soon as we get to the house i had put the car in park friggin police lights flash..so people were jumping out of my car and jumping in..so i had my yeni,josh,harper and greg in my car..we drove off to an intersection and dropped off harper and his friend cus we had to go back to make sure everyone was ok..so i drove back and we found all the drunk ass people on the side of a house by the house that was getting busted..so yeah i let josh out of the car cus he was drunk..so me and yeni drove back to see if everyone was ok and tof ind the people we were missing..so i pulled up and he took our ids and stuff and looked through my acr but everything was ok..so he told us to leave and he like followed to make sure i was going where i told him i was going...so we went back and got siebert,katilyn,brooke,trevor,shaughn,and josh,mike and rachel all packed in my friggin car but they found people to come get them so they left..then we went to taco bell to get josh food lol and shaughn walked through the drive through and ordered a "cheaken quesanigger dilla" lol then we dropped him off and hit back to sieberts..saw gustav and danny at the gas station lol then i went to jordas's for a lil bit..but he had to work sunday so i wasnt there too long..then went back to sieberts and harper,mike,and john were there and everyone was acting really fuckin retared in stacys room...so i said fuck it and went to bed lol..needless to say sieberts mom found out and thats the end of her having people over for a while..ok well i g2g bed ill ttyl kids--


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